Make Your Garage Feel Like Home

Golden Built Construction Co is your top choice for garage builders in Clinton Twp, MI

In many homes the garage becomes a space of overwhelming clutter and catastrophe. At Golden Built Construction Co, we help create functional custom garages so that you can benefit from having an extra attachment to your home and enjoy the extra space. Our custom built garages offer features like automatic doors, extra storage units, and even staircases so that you get the most out of your home's addition.

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4 benefits of custom built garages

The expert garage builders at Golden Built Construction know that you need a garage not only to keep your belongings safe, but to feel like an extension of your home. Some benefits of having a custom garage include:

  • The perfect size for your family‚Äôs cars and belongings
  • Extra security installments like fire exits and alarm systems
  • Less clutter and more storage space
  • Added curb appeal and property value

Let Golden Built Construction of Clinton Twp, MI build you the custom garage of your dreams. Call us today to learn about our free estimates.